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Sailor Neptune is Michiru Kaiou.

"Aratana jidaini sasowarete, Sailor Neptune, yuuga ni katsuyaku!"

"Invited by a new age, I'm the elegant Sailor Neptune".

Japanese Version

Michiru's birthday is March 6th and her sign is Pisces. People argue about the Sailor Senshi's ages, but I think that Michiru is 16 years old! Her blood type is O. She is a first year student at the Mugen Gakuen High School.

Her fave subject is music and there is no subject she hates. Michiru likes to collect cosmetics. Michiru's fave colour is Marine Blue/Dark Blue, and her fave food is sashimi (which is sushi, but with uncooked fish. The difference is that Sashimi has raw items in it, and Sushi has cooked items in it. If what I've just said is wrong, inform me, because that's what I've been thinking ever since I visited Japan) and her least fave food is kikurage (I don't know what kikurage is). She has trouble with sea cucumbers (I've been informed that they are slimy and the grow at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe they're poisonous?). Her birthstone is an Aquamarine and some of her skills are playing the violin and painting (a very artistic personality). She also likes to swim and her future dream is to become a violinist. Michiru's voice is done by Katsuki Masako. Sailor Neptune's items are : Transformation Pen and Deep Aqua Mirror.

The Deep Aqua Mirror is the second talisman and it's used to see the truth in things even when it is hidden. Sailor Neptune is invited by a New Age and Sailor Uranus a.k.a Haruka Tenoh and her both appear to collect the three talismans and to find the Messiah. Michiru is closest in personality to Ami Mizuno. They both think before they act, are both talented and smart and they both have the same kind of power : Water. Sailor Neptune's power over water is greater than Sailor Mercury's though.

Michiru appeared at the start of Sailor Moon S . She gets very protective of Haruka Tenoh when girls pay attention the her. She also hates it when Haruka Tenoh leads girls on...^_-. Michiru IS a lesbian, but Haruka Tenoh is a hermaphrodite. For more information and explanations about it, please go into her character page!! [Just click on her name] Sailor Neptune guards the Moon Kingdom not the Moon Princess- Usagi Tsukino.
Michiru would willingly give up her life to release the Deep Aqua Mirror talisman from inside of her Heart Crystal to form the Holy Grail to let Sailor Moon transform into Super Sailor Moon. When Michiru died, then Haruka Ten'Ou/Sailor Uranus killed herself to release the talisman inside of her.

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English Version (DIC DUB)

This isn't for a FACT, but the information below, is "supposed"....

Sailor Neptune's English name is "Michelle" in the English version and her attack is said to be "Neptune Tidal Wave Submerge". (Catchy name for an attack, ne?) And Michiru sounds close to Michelle.. geddit? Thanks to : Jeremy Thomas for clearing up Michiru's English Name, and providing me with her attack!

If anyone has any information on the newest English Version of Sailor Neptune like more of her attacks, her voice actress and all, please e-mail me at : and inform me about it! I DO live in Canada and I DO get YTV, but my hectic schedule inteferes with my ability to watch "Sailor Moon" every Saturday.

Domo Arigato

Sailor Neptune's Love Life

Sailor Neptune's love life revolves mainly around Sailor Uranus a.k.a Haruka Ten'ou because they are lovers. Of course, that means that they are lesbians. (People who like other people of the same sex, like female-female or male-male). In the SMS movie, after Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus a.k.a Haruka Ten'ou and Sailor Pluto a.k.a Setsuna Meiou helped save the Inner Senshi from falling into this huge black pit (long story), Sailor Neptune said (If I remember correctly and it isn't word for word exactly):

Uranus : " To deprive children of their dreams and happiness and fun is evil..... "

Neptune : " Yes, but there are some things out in the world that only adults can enjoy together. "

Uranus : " *silence*....*sweat drop*....*cough cough cough* "

You can figure it out on your own what that means. ^_^ Anyways, they DO have a relationship together, and it's one of the major love relationships in the whole five seasons of Sailor Moon.

If you would like to learn more about this love relationship that Michiru and Haruka have together, here is a page called " Michiru's and Haruka's Love Story Homepage " (Availiable in French or English versions!) that is dedicated to JUST that!

Mythology about Sailor Neptune

Neptune ( Greek : Poseidon )
Neptune was the Roman God of Water, Rain, and Fertility. In many stories, he is referred to as the King of the Sea (or Ocean, or other variants). The Greek Poseidon was originally the God of Earthquakes and Water, but that changed to the Supreme God of the Sea, and sometimes the God of Horses.... (Horses? ... Horses. ... HORSES?!?!?!?).... He was said to be tempestuous, violent, and vindictive and he was rarely peaceful.

Sailor Neptune's Powers and Gadgets!

In Sailor Moon



In Sailor Moon R



In Sailor Moon S

The Japanese version is : Deep Submerge.

Japanese : Deep Aqua Mirror Talisman and Transformation Pen.

In Sailor Moon Super S

Japanese : None.

Japanese : Deep Aqua Mirror Talisman.

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